Derez [infinite]


A race to the death against low definition


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Derez [infinite] is an endless runner where you play an escaped laboratory test subject who has to run across the rooftops of a futuristic city, challenged not just by the empty spaces between buildings but also by your own failing perception.

Every second you run, things become less clear. Your vision will get blurred, and it will become difficult to see. To fight this effect, you'll need to collect the power-ups you find floating on the rooftops.

You'll also have to avoid the enemies that come flying towards you. If you don't dodge them, you'll get hit and your vision will become even more pixelated, which can prove fatal at high speeds.

Your sole goal in Derez [infinite] is to get as far as possible to get a better ranking on the online leaderboards, where you can compare your skills to other players around the world.
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